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Honor a
Great Loss 

Wish Them Peace 

Losing someone is difficult. We can't always go to our loved ones during their time of need. Send your condolences with "About Jesus 4 Ever,"

 sympathy cards and send the family of the bereaved some comfort. We are here for you because we believe that people dealing with loss needs all the love and support one can offer, and that’s why our products are available nationwide 24/7.

"May God Bless You"

Sympathy Card (purple & green flowers)

It's good to know we are not alone when we have lost someone we love so dearly. Knowing that God is still with us slowing the tears and easing the pain is very comforting...Give this card to someone needs comforting.

4.6" x 7.2" Folded - Premium glossy

Sympathy Card (red & green flowers)

Loosing a love one or a friend is never easy, but it's always good to know that God is still by our side wiping our tears away day by day. Give this sympathy card to help easy the pain.

  4.6" x 7.2" Folded - Premium glossy

One of a kind custom Envelopes 4.6"x 7.2" (white) ten in a pack

4.6"x 7.2" Envelopes

Beautiful Custom Envelopes with purple flower patterns  at the bottom 4.6"x 7.2" comes ten in a pack

4.6"x 7.2" Envelopes

*Attention: All Holiday Cards, Sympathy Cards, and Occasion Cards with dimensions 5"x 7" has also been updated to dimensions of 4.6"x 7.2", also all 5"x 7" Envelopes dimensions has been updated to 4.6" x 7.2" as well.

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