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Life-Transforming Books 

Enlightening Books

Check out the books, About Jesus 4 Ever is offering! Not only will they help broaden your knowledge and understanding on different biblical subject matters such as using your  Spiritual gifts, but also inspire you and give you words of encouragement along the way!  


That's Right!​ If you are yearning to grow your ministry more in the ways of God and using your Spiritual gifts, this Workbook  Course (DIY) will be a great start! Not only Growing Your Ministry God's Way: Using Your Spiritual Gifts book is educational, it's based on the Word of God, and a prerequisite  with the Workbook. The Workbook consist of biblical based Reading Assignments, Discussion Questions, Share Time, Words of Encouragements, Games and much more! All to enhance growing your ministry more in the ways of God! This do it yourself course can be done individually, or in small group sessions. It's a great way to grow in the word of God!

*When you finish reading the books or take the course please write a review on Amazon or Barns and Noble. Thank you!

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