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Cards for Any Occasion

"Let Your Love Ones Know You Care"

Sympathy Card

Loosing a love one or a friend is never easy, but it's always good to know that God is still by our side wiping our tears away day by day. Give this sympathy card to help easy the pain.

4.6" x 7.2" Folded - Premium glossy

Sympathy Card

It's good to know we are not alone when we have lost someone we love so dearly. Knowing that God is still with us slowing the tears and easing the pain is very comforting... Give this heart felt card to someone who needs comforting.

 4.6" x 7.2" Folded- Premium Glossy

Words of Encouragement

Give this beautiful inspiring card, and let someone know that everlasting joy and peace comes from God.

5" x 7" Folded - Premium glossy

Wedding Anniversary Card

What better gift one can give on a wedding anniversary than words of wisdom from God. This beautiful inspiring anniversary card will certainly be a blessing. 

4.6" x 7.2" Folded - Premium glossy

 The Salvation Card

Give this meaningful salvation card to someone this year and invite them to accept Jesus Christ into their life... It's never to late.

 5.5" x 4" Flat - Premium glossy

Divine Guidance

When you are searching for the path of righteousness ... Jesus is the way. This beautiful card is perfect for giving guidance that will lead to everlasting joy.

6" x 9" Flat - Standard glossy

 *All product images of Jesus Christ's face is "divine," and not 100% clear... it's a miracleous image of the face of Jesus which was revealed. It is truly a sign of the power of God... No returns will be accepted once purchased.

6 x 9 Envelopes

*Attention: All Holiday Cards, Sympathy Cards, and Occasion Cards with dimensions 5"x 7" has also been updated to dimensions of 4.6"x 7.2", also all 5"x 7" Envelopes dimensions has been updated to 4.6" x 7.2" as well.

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