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Sharing the Blessings With Others 

Giving Back

"About Jesus 4 Ever, LLC" is a company that believes we are to bless others when God has been a blessing to us. As we study the word of God we know that water is also used to symbolize the Word of God,  and the Cleansing of Sin...So not only does God gives us water for our Spiritual needs (Isaiah 49:10), but also our Physical needs, (Isaiah 44:3). "About Jesus 4 Ever," believes in planting seeds in charities that is giving Water to does
 who thirst around the World.

So please join us in making an impact in the lives of others by giving back into the kingdom of God to the Water Ministry, and making it possible for those to have clean drinking water, or a Charity of Your Choice, because we know that by spreading the Good News about Jesus Christ and helping others becomes a blessing to us as well. 

*Remember it doesn't require a special time to give... helping hands are needed every day. 

God bless.    

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