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                  About Jesus 4 Ever Newsletter                   (The Good News that Gives Hope and Transforms Lives)

          Author: Gertrude Joanne Pollard-Watts/ M.A., B.A. Christian Studies

5 Amazing Ways to Draw Closer to God

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to have it all in life, while some seem to struggle no matter how they put one foot forward, but noticed  they have taken two or three steps backward! They ask themselves what am I doing wrong? Why does it always seem like I'm stuck in quicksand no matter how hard I  try?

Well, you must notice the key word "seem." It's just what it says "seem" to be, but in reality you are not!  Sure the struggles are there, but let Jesus carry you! There are principles of God you must know and use in your life to get you to where those struggles become obsolete... I understand with these uncertain times which are happening in the world today, its not hard for anyone to feel the strain of the world on their shoulders.  I am going to introduce to you five amazing ways that will help you overcome the strains and burdens of life... BUT you must be willing to apply these principles into your life and have faith in God to see you through whatever situation you're experiencing.

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